henry organ

Cofounder & nflpa agent

Henry Organ is a certified NFLPA agent with extensive experience in marketing and branding. His past work experience includes Nike Football, Wasserman Sports Agency, and Procter & Gamble. Henry strongly believes in athlete empowerment and is passionate about educating clients on how to succeed on and off the field.

hector rivas

Cofounder & NFLPA Agent

Hector Rivas is an accomplished entrepreneur with experience building and selling companies. He was the founder and CEO of Thriftbooks (recently valued at $550M in 2021) and is the principal investor behind Disruptive.  Hector primarily focuses on company organization, growth, and fostering a winning culture within the organization.

chris caminiti

vp of coaches division

Chris Caminiti joined Disruptive Sports in June of 2023, heading our coaches and executives division. Caminiti is a highly experienced football professional with a career spanning over 25 years. His roles have included NFL assistant coach, front office executive, scout, and held positions within the NCAA as an assistant coach, and athletic director. Caminiti has worked with the Patriots, Browns, Chiefs, Chargers, and UCLA.

cameron patterson

nbpa agent

Cameron Patterson is a student of the game and has vast amounts of knowledge through his experiences as an athlete playing high school and AAU basketball, with the UC Davis men’s basketball team, and as a scout for high school and college basketball players. His goal is to provide value financially, physically, and mentally to push each athlete to be their best self.

alex beglinger

Football Operations & NFLPA Agent

Alex Beglinger is an accomplished football professional with a vast knowledge of the sport and industry. He has played and coached football at both the junior college and division I levels, helping numerous players reach all levels of college football and even the NFL. With over 10+ years of small business management experience, Alex has honed his skills in organization, leadership, and entrepreneurship. He is dedicated to helping coaches and athletes succeed both on and off the field and is committed to their success.

mike hicks


Michael Hicks is an NBPA certified agent that joins Disruptive with an extensive amount of knowledge, resources and a deep network. He has interned at Roc Nation and has been mentored by senior agents at Klutch Sports. Michael’s focus is to best prepare athletes for professional success; on and off the court.

Mike Iafrato

Director of client services

Mike Iafrato, a recent graduate of Boston University, joined Disruptive Sports in June of 2023 heading our Client Services department. With experience in marketing athletes, he has developed skills in securing sponsorships and building valuable partnerships for players. His expertise lies in effectively promoting athletes, creating mutually beneficial relationships with sponsors, and managing various tasks to support players in their professional endeavors. Mike is also an aspiring law student, who is eager to further his education and leverage his legal knowledge to enhance his impact in the sports industry.

timo porotesano

client services manager

Timo Porotesano is a Samoan native that has established many relationships in the Polynesian community.  He is considered a leader in this tight-knit community of islanders.  Timo’s influence is instrumental in guiding collegiate and professional Polynesian players into Disruptive’s agency.

ben miller

creative director

Ben Miller has over a decade of experience working alongside clients such as CAA, Nike, Adidas, University of Tennessee Football, University of Washington Football and many more. He specializes in design, photography, and videography and has helped develop various brand and identity packages for elite athletes and their foundations / personal businesses.

tracy michne


Tracy Michne has a diverse working history as a financial controller, with over 20 years experience.  She has worked both at the small business and corporate level.  She primarily focuses on preparing financial statements, auditing and analyzing financial performance, monitoring spending, creating budgets and ensuring compliance with financial reporting and other standard accounting procedures.